ESA 2016 is a speedrunning-centred community meetup and marathon. The doors are open from Saturday the 23rd of July at 8am, until Monday the 1st of August at noon. The stream is planned to run from the evening of the 23rd of July the evening of the 29th of July.

In 2016 we celebrate our 5 year anniversary of the biggest gathering in Europe. It’s amazing that the event has grown from 30 to 300 attendees in that period of time.


About us

ESA started in 2012 as a smaller meetup, inspired by the Games Done Quick series. Today ESA is the largest speedrunning event outside of the US (the second largest in the world) and is still growing. We strive for independence, transparency, innovation and close interaction with the speedrunning community to be able to deliver the unique ‘ESA feeling’ to the runners, attendees, staff and viewers.

We’re confident that European Speedrunner Assembly 2016 will set the standard for all future speedrunning events!


In the early days of streaming, there was a demand for a European gathering due to the popularity of the Games Done Quick series, which was still small and being hosted in people’s homes at the time. Skövde-based Ludendi, with a history of organising meetups, stepped up to the plate and hosted the first ever major speedrunning meetup in Sweden with a handful of international attendees.

From there, the event has grown into a fully international event with over 300 attendees, and has moved to a new location in Växjö. It’s managed by its own independent organisation and has branched out to other online events and shorter marathons at Dreamhack.

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