European Speedrunner Assembly!

Welcome to ESA!

ESA is a series of charity fundraising marathons revolving around speedrunning! For one whole week 400 gamers gather together to present world-class gameplay on, completing games as fast as possible while rasing money for a cause. In 2018 we raised $100,000 in direct donations for Save the Children, worth over $200,000 after matching.

3 photos of ESA and a picture of the new conference space

Where and when

ESA Winter - 16 to 24 February 2019
Quality Hotel Royal Corner, Växjö

Submissions will open some time in October 2018
Full details coming soon!

ESA Summer - 20 to 28 July 2019
Quality Hotel View, Malmö

Event Info (previous events)

We’re looking forward to see you there. If you have any questions, reach out to us on Discord.


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